Our Staff

Our Amazing Staff!

As editor and publisher of Floriculture, I’m proud of the staff here at Scoop Communications, and with good reason: You won’t find a sharper, tighter, more dedicated crew anywhere! We’re lean (there’s just five of us) but we’re good—fast, efficient and responsive to your needs. We are also supported by over ten part time staff.

Masila KanyimgiMasila Kanyingi

Joined us in 2004

Editor; Kanyingi occupies one of most important seats here at Scoop Communications, overseeing all the running of the magazine.

But while he’s got 12 years of Floriculture covering, including a stint as a staff writer, sub-editor,  he’s a horticulturist at heart.

Martin NyachwayaMartin Nyachwaya

Joined us in 2006

A Sales genius, Nyachwaya is Scoop Communication’s senior sales Person.

So if you’re an advertiser, Nyachwaya is the real power in the office to get things done for you. He keeps the sales department on track.

Evelyne NdiemaEvelyne Ndiema

Joined us in 2006

Words are fine, but to really make them sing you need a beautiful design, and that’s what Evelyne has been doing for Scoop Communications since 2006.

Nobody has a better grasp of clean, attractive, functional and readable design for the Floriculture Magazine.

Eunice MasilEunice Masila, Customer Service

Joined us in 2009

Our customer care specialist, Eunice Masila, is the young woman who will probably answer your phone call.

Eunice has a love of Media, and she’s even working on getting her higher diploma in Journalism. She also doubles as the sub-editor.

Wilbur NjemahWilbur Njemah

Joined us in 2008

Njemah is responsible for advertising sales for the Floriculture Directory.

He brings to Scoop Communication a wealth of experience.