25 years of innovative cooling and freezing solutions

Celtic cooling was established in 1997 by owner Joost Van Klink. Since then our company developed into professional refrigeration business with an excellent market position and reputation in the sector. We followed our customers abroad and in addition to our modern headquarters in Nieuw-Vennep in the Netherlands, we have four branches worldwide in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kazakhstan.

Our Specialties
We have experience in the design and installation of bespoke refrigeration and freezer installations, and air conditioning systems and turkey solutions for every possible purpose. Our customers come from various industrial sectors in the Netherlands as well as abroad. We set great score by building an enduring relationship with our customers and we enjoy anticipating their needs.

The best installation is an installation that does precisely what it is designed for: it creates the perfect environment for your product. That is what we set out to achieve. We produce energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly installations, and advise you on the right choice of refrigerant, and available subsidies. Our solid foundation comprise of a team of highly trained and enthusiastic employees with extensive experience in the field.

The Ideal Temperature

Produce must be chilled to the ideal storage conditions for the specific product immediately after harvesting and before transport and we are acknowledgeable and experienced in the various pre-cooling options.

Pallet Pre-cooling with a Tarp System
We frequently apply this system to quickchill several pallets of pre-packaged produce at once. The pallets are placed in double raws in front of a suction wall and the top and front sides of the pallets are covered with a special design tarp curtain. Behind the suction wall is an axial ventilator, drawing chilled air through the pallets at high speed. This ensures that all pallets are evenly chilled to the optimal storage temperature.

Pre-cooling boxes or Crates
Another method for chilling fresh produce quickly and efficiently is to place the produce inside export boxes or crates in front of a suction station, immediately after a harvest. The pre-coolers chill one pile at a time. This method is frequently used on produce such as flowers and fresh vegetables.

Vacuum Chilling
Vacuum chilling is an efficient method of quickly chilling leafy vegetables and flowers to the right temperature. The vacuum pump extracts all the air, allowing evaporation of liquid, quickly bringing the temperature to the required level.