Horti Fair Promotes Knowledge Exchange in Horticultural Industry

Horticulture is a significant ‘manufacturing’ industry. But where would horticulture be without knowledge exchange? This rhetorical question is the starting point for the Naivasha Horticultural Fair, which was initiated fifteen years ago. The knowledge from these exchanges has been of help to many businesses.

Horti Fair is one of the biggest regional trade fairs for Technology, Innovation and Inspiration in Horticulture. Horti Fair starts where the chain starts: plant breeding, greenhouse technology and cultivation technique. In addition, the Horti Fair showcases the solutions that horticulture offers for global challenges relating to water, food, clean energy and well-being.


NHFair 2017 will be taking place from 15th -16th September in Naivasha. Many Horticultural companies will participate. Horti Fair 2017 expects hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendands.

Knowledge exchange
In 2016 Horti Fair had visitors from around 20 countries. Over the course of two exhibition days. A survey done by Floriculture Magazine showed that, of all the visitors, 62 % found the fair to be ‘successful’ to ‘very successful’ in promoting and exchanging knowledge.

That knowledge exchange also took place during the face to face engagements “Knowledge exchange is one of the most important aspects, which is why we started Hortifair. Visitors were able to get answers to important and current production issues.”

Both parts of the fair will be repeated in 2017. The support to charity from the proceeds and knowledge exchange during the exhibition. The programme of the fair is developed in consultation with stake holders, with the aim of informing visitors concisely on current horticultural issues. Last year, for example, among the items on the agenda were Supply Chain, doing business in China and sustainable floriculture.

Floriculture Magazine decided to collate the knowledge that will be exchanged during the fair, and at the end an article ‘Knowledge Review: Towards Sustainable Horticulture’ will be done.

On the one hand, we are documenting the knowledge for growers and suppliers, for example for horticultural professionals who could not attend. On the other hand, the Knowledge Review is an excellent snapshot of the current situation: what are the issues that are now relevant to horticulture as an important manufacturing industry, and what questions remain to be answered?”

Even better
Preparations for Horti Fair 2017 are now fully underway. Says McGonnell: “In 2016 we redesigned the exhibition, among other things by developing and supporting many new initiatives. Horti Fair 2016 therefore focused on the ‘new’. We will carry on with this innovation and Horti Fair 2017 will focus on the ‘improved’. We will accordingly make it an even better exhibition.”