The 6th Africa Agri Expo in close partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development - Kenya, began on Wednesday, February 8 with an aim of connecting Africa to the global agribusiness industry. The two days of impactful networking, business talks, knowledge gains, and many exciting new agricultural avenues in the thriving Africa’s agriculture industry made the much-anticipated event AAE2023 in Kenya - a resounding success. 

Moreover, during the launch of the expo, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi in his speech which was read by the State Department for Crop Development Principal Secretary Phillip Kello Harsama stated that Kenya is reengineering its approach on how agriculture will be conducted in the Country with an aim of maximizing its potential.

CS Linturi further noted that the theme for the Agri Expo is aligned to Kenya's Vision 2030 as well as the government’s manifesto on agriculture.

“Our strategic objective as a government is to create an enabling environment that will create favourable opportunities for agricultural growth,” he stated.

Likewise, the CS called on all relevant stakeholders and agencies to give the government support to enable it to realize this initiative.

He further urged the exhibitors to set up businesses in the Country and venture into untapped sectors.


Africa Agri Expo 2023, in official partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development,Kenya will open its doors next week Wednesday on the 8th and 9th of February in Nairobi, Kenya. This year's event is expected to smash all previous records, with 5000+ industry visitors, 750+ agri enterprises, 400+ senior conference delegates, 100+ exhibitors and 45+ Speakers from 35+ countries.

With getting tremendous response from the Kenyan and International market, TAB group (the organisers) are thrilled to be welcoming top companies like CENSA (a WayCool Enterprise), Esri, UAV. AE Drones, Godrej Agrovet, OCP, Rokosan, Lushbury Fertilizer Corporation, Prabhat Fertilizers, East West Seeds, JebAgro, Biostadt India, Farmachem, SaudiDrip, NACL Industries, Proagrica, Bioseed, AFKO Pivot, Kimitec, and many others to the African agricultural sector - burgeoning with exceptional business opportunities.

Alqama Arif, Project Manager AAE 2023 states “We are surprised by the momentum and expression of interest from the local & international participants and with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development plus key agriculture and Finance organizations backing the event - there is no reason why you should not attend this show. Furthermore, considering Africa's thriving agribusiness sector and Kenya's rich and healthy agri-economical advancements, this event will facilitate every powerful business essential to develop the industry by gathering significant players under one roof."

"We are looking forward to seeing you in Kenya and helping you facilitate one-to-one meetings with top leaders and stakeholders. We urge you to reserve the few best available spots.”

Africa Agri Expo 2023 - 6th Edition, a leading regional agricultural show, is set to take place at KICC, Nairobi, Kenya on 8th and 9th February. Ahead of the event, a Press Conference in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development was held on January 23rd at Serena Hotel Nairobi, where Mr. Tahir Abdul Bari, CEO and MD of TAB group, the show's organizer, addressed attendees and officially introduced the event.

The event is supported by prominent organizations and institutions driving agricultural transformation in Africa; however, a high-profile panel of distinguished guests represented their organizations at the Pre-event Press Conference followed by an intense and interactive Q&A from the major media houses in Kenya. There were brief remarks from Mr. Josphat Gathiru Muhunyu, Agriculture Secretary, Rep. of CS, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Kenya, Ms. Agatha Thuo - General Manager, Agriculture Sector Network, Mr. Eric Kimungui - CEO, Agrochemical Association of Kenya, Mr. Guracha Adi - General Manager - Investor Services, KenInvest, Eng. Charles Muasya - Acting CEO of the National Irrigation Authority, Mr. Mandlenkosi Nkomo, Chief Growth Officer - CGIAR Excellence in Agronomy, IITA who are working in the Agri-sector for a very long time - aiding support to this prospering industry through their commendable work and networking capabilities and emphasized on the importance of participation in events like Africa Agri Expo (AAE 2023).

Having said that there has been so much buzz going around for Africa’s largest, most established and prominent agricultural show -  6th Africa Agri Expo happening next month on February 8th & 9th in KICC, Nairobi, Kenya,  peers from the industry are keenly looking forward to the two-day networking, knowledge sharing, brand building and thought-provoking platform.

The organizer TAB group have officially confirmed endorsement by The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development - Kenya with massive players like CENSA (a WayCool Enterprise), Esri, UAV.AI, Godrej Agrovet, OCP, Rokosan, Lushbury Fertilizer, Prabhat Fertilizers, East West Seeds, JebAgro, Biostadt India, Farmachem, SaudiDrip, NACL Industries, Proagrica, Bioseed, AFKO Pivot, Kimitec and many other agricultural companies onboard - eager to discuss and ideate business expansion plans together.

For the 8th year in a row, Kenya hosted the International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) at the Oshwal Centre, Parklands Nairobi.

IFTEX which was launched in 2012 has grown tremendously to be a renowned exhibition brand worldwide. Currently it attracts more than 250 both national and international exhibitors ranging from; growers, buyers, breeders, suppliers, regulatory and compliance institutions and logistics. Over time IFTEX has contributed to promotion of Kenyan cut flowers which its demand continues to rise in world market. This action has enabled the Kenyan flowers to compete well with other giants like Ecuador, Colombia and also Ethiopia who are coming up well.




Over the past two years a lot of acquisitions have been witnessed in the flower sector. This has been heavily attributed to huge cost of operations, shrinking market and freight charges; combining these issues; small-holder growers find themselves in murky waters which forces them to be bought out by the big fish. However, during a one on one interview with the Craig Oulton General Manager, Floriculture (Kisima) he pointed out small-holder growers can still manage to attract revenue and run their farms successfully when they innovate on ways to cut their costs, while practicing socially and environmentally sustainable kind of farming.